Incredibles 2

2.30pm, refreshments from 1.45pm

Hard to believe Brad Bird’s groundbreaking The Incredibles came out 14 years ago. He already had a solid reputation from his beloved The Iron Giant, but The Incredibles shot him to another level. Now Bird and an expanded team are back with Incredibles 2 – and they’ve done it again.

The Incredibles 2 picks up – literally – where The Incredibles left off all those years ago. You might remember The Underminer, who popped up at the end of the original. We find out how all that plays out; but then get into the heart of the story. You might also recall that superheroes were illegal. Nothing has changed, much as the Parr family would like it. But tech billionaire WInston Deavor (voiced by Bob Oudenkirk) wants to change all that. He whisks Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), Mr Incredible (Craig T Nelson) and Frozone (Samuel L Jackson) off to reveal his big plan. He wants to rehabilitate “supers” – and has a plan to do it.